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  Tax planning Capital gains-shares, bonds, RRSP and real estates
  Salary vs Dividend Planning
   Retirement and pension planning


   T2 Corporate income tax fillings
   Salary VS dividend planning
  Continues management reporting for reviewing the bottom-line of the company
   Farm returns and AgriStability applications
  Corporate reorganizations; share reorganization, planning of the new corporate structures, amalgamation and windups.
  Estate planning and Estate Freeze.


  Estate & trust tax returns

CRA, WCB, PST audits

DG accounting has lots of experience in dealing with wide variety of audits ranging from employer compliance audits to corporation income tax audits

What you should know about audits Audits are an important part of the Canada Revenue Agency’s range of activities aimed at making sure the tax system is fair for everyone. During an audit, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) closely examines the books and records of a taxpayer to confirm whether they are fulfilling their tax obligations, following tax laws correctly, and receiving the benefits and refunds to which they are entitled. What to expect during an WCB audit You help cover the cost of work-related injuries and illness and provide protection for employers by reporting payroll and paying premiums. Audits play an important role in ensuring the accuracy of this information and helping employers understand WorkSafeBC policies and practices. Audits for PST An audit is an examination of your business’ financial records to ensure that you are collecting, remitting and paying tax that is due, and to identify any areas where you may be doing this incorrectly.